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U.S. & European 220 Volt Laundry Units; 220V Washers, 220V Dryers & 220V Washer Dryer
Commercial Washers and Dryers, Coin Op & Non Coin Operated

220v 50hz 60hz 20# washer, large capacity 220v washer, european washer
Automatic Super Capacity Electric Dryer, Front Load, 4 Cycle, 3 Heat, 26.9" W x 25.75"D, White On White, 50/60Hz

220v 50hz 60hz washer and dryer, laundry center wwwith washer and dryer
White on White Full Size 10Kg Capacity Stack Laundry Center With Electric Dryer, 6 Cycle, 2 Speed Washer, 4 Heat, 27" W x 75.5"H x 30.8"D 50/60Hz
10.1 Kg Capacity Dual Speed Washer, 7 Cycle 4 Level, & Temperature, 27"W x 43.6"H x 27"D, White on White, 50/60Hz

Super Capacity Automatic Electric Dryer, 4 Heat, 7 Cycle With Up Front Lint Screen, 27" Wide
General Electric
Super Capacity Single Speed 3.2 Cubic Feet Washer, 6 Cycle Multiple Temperature/Levels, 27"W x 44"H, White on White
General Electric
Super Capacity Dual Speed 3.2 Cubic Feet Tub Washer with 9 Cycles, Multiple Level/Temp, Bleach/Fabric Dispense
General Electric
Super Capacity 2 Speed 3 Level/3 Temp 5 Cycle Washer, Self Clean Filter, 27"W x 27"D x 44"H 230V/60Hz
Magic Chef
5 Kilo Euro Front Load Stackable Washer With Built in Water Heater & 1000 RPM Spin Speed, 24"W x 34"H

Super Capacity 3 Speed Combo 8 Cycle Washer, 4 Button Temperature/Level Control, "Proforma" Series
Super Capacity 4 Speed Combo 10 Cycle Washer, 4 Button Temperature/Level Control 230V/60Hz
commercial 220v washer, laundramat 220v washer, coin operated 220v washer
Super Capacity Dual Speed With Horizontal Axis Commercial Washer W/or WO Coin Slide Bleach/Fabric Dispenser 220V/50Hz; Only 40% of Water Consumption
Maytag commerial laundry, front load 220v commercial washer, stainless steel commercial washer
maytag dependable care 220v washer, 220v porcelain drum washer
Super Capacity Single Speed 8 Cycle 220v washer W/Bleach/Fabric Dispenser Multiple Water Level/Temp, 25 1/2"
One of the Original "Dependable Care Series" Washers
Maytag stainless steel drum 220v washer, stainless steel 220v commercial laundry
maytag atlantis 220v washer, 220v 50hz atlantis, stainless steel 220v washer
"Atlantis Series" 220 - 240V/50Hz. Topload Washer W/SS Drum, 12 Cycle

MAV9750AGW & MAV7750AGW & MAV6451AGW
220V/50Hz. Proforma Series Electric Dryer, 5 Cycle, 3 Heat, Super Capacity

5 Kilo Euro Stackable Front Loading Electric Drier, Multiple Cycles, Matches WMB1062 Washer, 24"W, With Condenser

neptune 220v washer, front load 220v washer, stainless steel drum washer
Super Capacity "Neptune" Electric Drier, Matches Horizontal Axis Washer Above, 27"W x 43"H
front load washer 220v, 220v horizontal washer, stainless steel drum washer
MDE3050AGW & MDG3050AGW (Gas)
atlantis 220v 50hz electric dryer, maytag atlantis electric dryer  
Super Automatic "Atlantis" Electric Dryer With Multiple Heats/Multiple Cycles, White on White 28 1/2"W

front load 220v washer with water heater, stainless steel drum washer
Super Capacity Front Load "Neptune" Washer W/Internal Water Heater, Horizontal Axis, 27" W x 43"H

220v 50hz gas drier, bottled gas clothes drier 220v
Super Automatic Gas Dryer With Multiple Heats/Multiple Cycles, White on White 28 1/2"W

washer and dryer 220v 50hz, european washer and dryer 220v
Full Size Large Capacity Unitized Stack Washer/Electric Dryer, White On White Or Almond, 27 1/2"W x 73"H

commerial topload washer 220v, 220v 50hz commercial laundry
Heavy Duty Commercial Top Load Washer, Non-Coin, 20# Capacity, 25 1/2" W "CSAG" Model is the Same Washer W/Coin Slide Box, Requires Coin Slide & Lockbox Inserts
220v & 240v commercial laundry, commercial washers, ccommercial driers
Super Capacity Dual Speed 7 Cycle 3 Level/3Temp Selections With Dispenser White 27"W x 25.5"D

Gold Series Super Dual Speed 9 Cycle Washer With Bleach/Fabric Dispenser, White on White, 27"W x 25.5"D

Ex-Large Gas Dryer, Natural/LPG, 5 Cycle 3 Temperature With Full Width Shelf Black Trim

Super Capacity Electric Dryer, 5 Cycle 3 Temperature With Full Width Hamper Door, White on White, 29"W

220v 60hz washer, 220v 60hz topload washer, 24" wide 220v washer, 60 cm 220v 60hz washer
Large Capacity 2 Speed 8 Cycle 5/5 Temperature/Level Washer With Magic Clean Filter ***** 230V/60Hz ***** 24" Wide


Accessories for Laundry

Dryer Vent Kit, WX8X76 Includes Flex Hose, Hose Clamps, And Water Impingement Jar, 4 inch flex hose.

4 inch flex hose vent kit for us style driers, for venting laundry thru the wall
Dryer Vent Kit, WX8X75 Includes Flex Hose, Hose Clamps, And Window Pane/Wall Penetration. 4" flex hose & fittings.

Dryer 30 amp cord with US plug. Mates with surface mount 30 amp socket.

replacement parts export washers, replacement parts 220v 50hz washers
Washer Belt,

electrolux repair parts 220v 50hz, electrolux repacement parts 220v
220v 50hz 60hz laundry parts electrolux, frigidaire washer parts 220v
Washer Water Inlet Valve,

Frigidaire export washer replacement parts, maintenance parts washers
ge export replacement laundry parts, ge 220v 50hz drier parts
Dryer Belt, WE12X82 Older Models or WE12M22 Newer Models

general electric repair parts 220v 50hz
WE12X82 Old WE12M22 New
export washer replacement parts, laundry replacement parts 220v
Washer Belt, WH1X1904 Older Models or WH1X2788 Newer Models

general electric replacement parts for 220v washers, export laundry ge parts
WH1X1904 old WH1X2788 new
No Picture
Washer Water Inlet Valve, WH13x63 Older Models or WH21X1075 Newer Models

WH13X63 old WH21X1075 new
No Picture
Diagnostic & Repair Manual For Washers

ge replacement parts, 220v export replacement parts
washer repair parts, 220v washer repair parts, 220v washer pump, 220v 50hz laundry parts
Washer Main Pump
Maytag export replacement parts, 220v 50hz replacement parts
220v 50hz drier parts, dryer repair parts 220v, euopean drier repair parts
Dryer Belt, #3-12959 for individual units or 3-14774 for stack unit

maytag european replacement parts, 220v 50hz replacement parts
#3-12959 & 3-14774
No Picture
LPG Conversion Kit, Installed,

export laundry parts commercial and domestic, 50hz washer parts
adapters for metric to pipe thread, us pipe thread to meteric thread adapters
3/8" NPT Female to 16MM x 1.5 Male Adapter for Gas Dryers
maytag export repair parts, 220v 50hz laundry parts
No Picture
Euro Laundry Dryer Stack Kit to Stack Dryer Above Washer in Operating Mode

No Picture
Washer Belt Set, (2)

#2-11451 & 2-11948
Washer Water Inlet Valve,

Dryer Belt, Electric,


Dryer Belt, Gas,


No Picture
LPG Kit, Installed,

Washer Water Inlet Valve,


Clothing Irons
Panasonic Dry Iron. Features: 220 volt, 50 Hz, Mobile light weight dry iron, Powerful 1000w, Clear Thermostatic Pilot Lamp


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