Perhaps most of the kid’s first playground experience might be through using swings. Whether it is at their backyard, school, or at the park play set, everybody can feel an exciting and thrilling sensation in each back and forth motion’s swing motion. Moreover, it also provides perks and advantages because children can develop motor skills like body coordination, locomotion, and balancing as they swing. If you’re planning to get a swing set, check out the following tips in how to maintain it properly: 

Guarantee swing’s safe landing surfaces 

See to it that your children have a safe landing area so that they can prevent injuries as much as possible and just return to swinging. In fact, it’s highly suggested that there must be a deep yet soft surface, like wood chips or sand, where the children can fall into. With this, the impact can be absorbed easily.  

The chain and connectors need to always get free movement  

Nobody would like riding a swing that just remains in one place and does not move around. Such swings must freely move if used to make sure that they are properly working.  

Swing chains should not be too worn out and must be in great condition particularly at connection joints 

The swing chain needs to be able to hold the swing seat strongly as they keep connected at the metal frame of your swing. Once you can notice a squeaky noise because of rust, which is potentially due to swing incidents, make sure to have it replaced right away.  

Make sure that the tire swing’s swivel rubber sleeve is properly installed and not too old 

Similar to regular swing hooks, it’s also important to consider the condition of its swivel rubber sleeves since it holds the kids and tires as they play. Inspect if they are holding the tires and chains properly to avoid the possibilities of your children to fall off as they ride tire wings.  

Search for potential metal on swing seats 

Exposed surfaces or metal bars in swings can result in burns and blisters to kids due to their sensitive skin. If you’ve observed that the sawing set is exposed to rust metal, take time to change them right away to guarantee the safety of your children as they play and ride it.  

Inspect whether the “S” gooks are closed and not too worn 

As a part of your maintenance for your swing set, this is the first thing you need to inspect because the last thing you want the children to ride is one that eventually falls off because of worn-out S hooks, which are separating from the cross beams. When these hooks are excessively worn out, make sure to change it with new pieces and guarantee to try out the hook’s strengths to make sure that your children can ride your swing set safely.  

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