After you have successfully listed your house, found your prospective homebuyer, and agreed to a purchase price, your house sale is nearly a done deal. However, it is still not time for you to pack all of your things and moving boxes because you still need to have your home inspected. To prepare for this, check out the following tips below: 

Change any bulbs that are blown and out 

For home inspectors, malfunctioning bulbs mean 2 things: it’s either there is something wrong with the wiring fixtures or the bulb itself is out. The home inspector can choose to immediately note that there’s a potential defect without checking it out. So, to prevent such scenarios to happen, guarantee that all of your bulbs work well. 

Keep a clean home 

If you already know how to deal with the home selling process, then perhaps you are already quite adept at this time when it comes to keeping everything tidy and clean. As much as possible, do not allow things to accumulate after you have agreed to a price offer and keep up the similar cleanliness level for your home inspector to see. How clean your house does won’t play into the inspection itself. However, a messy or dirty home can potentially make the inspector suspicious that some parts of the property are not taken care of properly as well.? 

Inspect your roof 

Do you remember the last time you have had your roof thoroughly inspected? Well, it has been a while for the majority of sellers. Although, you need to take note that the roof is an integral aspect when it comes to?San Antonio TX home inspection. Because of that, you should never neglect this during your preparations. Take out a ladder, check for signs of debris and moss from the gutters, and make sure to clear them all out. Also, check if you have any missing or damaged shingles and tiles on your roof and guarantee that the downspouts are placed properly. If you can see any roof damage, guarantee to have it taken care of with the help of the roofing experts before the day of the home inspection.? 

Clear the perimeter 

Apart from inspecting your home’s interior functioning, the inspector will be trying to check the exterior part of your home as well, such as caulking, trims, and sidings around doors and windows. Also, you need to make sure that other parts of your property are clear of stored items, trash cans, and plant growth so that they can have an unconstrained look.? 

Give open and easy access to rooms or spots in your home that must be inspected 

Guarantee that the assigned home inspector can gain access all over your property easily. Once they cannot get into a particular space, then they cannot check it. As a result, it can suspicious for buyers. Also, clear away any trash or clutter that potentially blocks access to systems or areas that the home inspector requires to inspect, such as under sinks, furnace rooms, attics, and in basements.?