Nothing is better than seeing your little kids playing and laughing on your backyard playset. Also, be assured that your wood swing set is secure and sturdy just increases the satisfaction that you feel as a parent. For that, keep on reading this article to know some of the wood swings set safety tips you need to invest in and attend to: 

Proper handles 

Whenever your kid climbs, he/she requires something that they can safely grip onto. Because of this, it’s really important to set up grab handles at the tops of your rock walls and ladders. With this, the youngster will have a place to grab every time they try to enter the clubhouse, You can always purchase grab handles online if you don’t have one with you. 

Guarantee a soft surface 

Most of the time, people fail to consider the surface on which a swing set needs to be placed as they install it. Also, they think that positioning it under a grass would be fine. However, the greatest surface option you can get and you should invest in is a rubber mulch surface, which can greatly absorb shock. Keep in mind that grass loses its capability to do that eventually. If you plan on?moving?your swing set in a much safer place, contact the reputable swings set service providers now.? 

Intact activity areas and accessories 

When your backyard playset has already been utilized for a lot of seasons, it would be best to consider having the experts check this. Also, see to it that the swings set’s accessories are already intact. Search for tears or pulls in the top of your canopy tent, inspect the wood for more sanding, refill the sandbox if needed, guarantee that any rope in your playground is still in great condition, etc.? 

Bolts, not staples or nails 

Your wooden swing set must only have bolts to connect the parts and pieces together. So, you need to make sure that there are no staples or nails used in the construction of your wooden swing set. Staples and nails are just too weak and they tend to stick out from the wood over time, which makes a safety danger for the little ones who play on it.? 

Tightened and recessed hardware 

It’s very important to remove anything that your kid’s clothing could catch on. That’s why we highly suggest that you only choose a swing set with recessed hardware. When you have already bought a swingset with protruding hardware, think about changing the hardware, or just remind your children to not wear baggy or loose clothes. Moreover, you need to do a yearly swing set check-up to guarantee that the bolts of your swing set are properly tightened.? 

Sanded wood with round edges 

To prevent minor injuries and splinters, your swing set must not have any rough surfaces. A great way to guarantee this is to invest in a playset made of wood that’s has rounded edges sanded surfaces. With this, it helps to relatively make keeping up your surface easier.?